Halloween with Empress Ariel

(fyi: Ariel is my cat)

Lord Steward: Arise, ye! The Empress has arisen from her slumber. Bow and kneel before her presence, lest yet be smote by the Fury of her fearsome wrath.

Assembled Crowd (in unison): We kneel and bow, Mighty Empress.

Lord Steward: Who is this who comes forth to seek the favors of our Divine Mistress?

Assembled Crowd (in unison): Woe, for her wrath is sure and swift, oh supplicant.

Benji (kneeling): Oh Madame Ariel, Empress of W— Drive, Mistress of the Realm of Rockford, Commander of the Near Seas, Conqueror of this poor servant’s bed, thus do I beseech thee, Terrible and Powerful Mistress: I have seen the portraits made by iPhone artists far and wide of the dreadful visages of those fools across the lands, who have, with temerity, garbed their leaders in cloth of orange and green in celebration of this holiday their lost souls believe serves to mourn the lives of those who came before, but which to you —

Ariel: Dost thou have a point? I grow weary of your incessant chatter.

Benji: I will do penance at thy shrine, exalted Mistress, for my impotent blather. I have brought you silks, oils and unguents, that you may join the crowd that humbly worships you below, in raiment deserving of the Imperial imprimatur. 

Ariel: ::sniffs:: I care not for these things, blind fool. Guards, remove this knave from my sight. I have no need of him till I rest. … …

I shall soon rest. Find this “Benji” and bring him to my (formerly his) chamber.


~ by Benji on October 31, 2013.

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