My First Letter-to-the-Editor to the D in…

well, a long time. what follows is as submitted to

To the Editor(s):

Mr. Huang has written a very lucid, well-considered and relevant to the national and global moment defense of activism. “Activism” as such is already undergoing a tumultuous sea-change in the wake of social media’s prominence among the socially- and politically-engaged subset of women and men likely to engage in what, traditionally or not, could be termed “activism.” The “Green Revolution” in 2009 was the harbinger of an era that would usher in the “Arab Spring,” the Occupy Movement (insofar as it was a “movement”) and which has continued to evolve in American and international politics.

Mr. Huang’s considerable sense of optimism regarding the way forward for activism is encouraging and speaks to Dartmouth’s active fostering of participation in civic life. I became an activist in 2003, when I chose to protest the invasion of Iraq, becoming one of a small minority at my high school of 2,000+ students to do so; around the same time, I chose to attend Dartmouth in large part due to its engaged student body.

What I sincerely hope Mr. Huang, his peers and advisees continues is Dartmouth’s legacy of engaged activism beginning at the level of the immediate community. Activism need not be a scary thing; often it’s just as simple as telling your roommate or significant other or professor — whomever — “this policy is garbage. Let’s change it.” And from there to the provost’s office, to the mayor’s residence, to the state house, to Congress. Activism requires only a just cause and a willingness to fight like hell. Mr. Huang’s admirable prose has clearly demonstrated the latter; I have no doubt that when applied to the former, he will find success.

—Benjamin N. Taylor ’07
Executive Editor Emeritus, The Dartmouth

~ by Benji on October 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “My First Letter-to-the-Editor to the D in…”

  1. This is a great letter, Benjamin! Yes, you have to start in your immediate vicinity. Very good point!


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