“Gay Marriage” is Bad Terminology

Let’s get this really clear. Words are important; we all know that. “Gay Marriage,” while somewhat correct technically as far as marriage between two individuals of the same legally-defined gender is, *is* in no way accurate.

The usage of “marriage equality” among member of the LGBT community is no accident, nor is it a reaction to mainstream usage of “gay marriage.” “Marriage” has absolutely nothing to do with religious belief. None. Zero. Marriage is a civil institution that grants civil rights and privileges based on the civil law, which does not distinguish between gay or straight civilians. Churches are more than welcome to set their own standards for their entirely irrelevant religious grants; the law does not in any circumstance recognize proclamations as regards religion. This is directed to you http://www.nytimes.com/. “Gay Marriage” is a joke. You know better. 

~ by Benji on October 21, 2013.

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