The Body as Art

I start with the premise that the body is the property of its owner. If individuals do *own* their bodies, an interesting array of legal implications arise. None of which I want to go into — not only am I not a lawyer, but I’m also not writing a scholarly monograph. 

That premise would, however, indicate that any modifications to that said piece of property would be solely the right of the owner to determine. If A, then B. Let’s go to C. Therefore, any tattoo, piercing, other body modification (here’s where it get juicy legally — this can be extended to performing-enhancing drug usage, Tommy John surgery, any sorts of things the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex can devise. In fact, I guarantee legal cases seeking to define where exactly the legal lines regarding control of one’s body will constitute the legal question of the 21st. century) should be solely at the owner’s discretion. For example, I have the legal right to paint my car in rainbow colors with an Ellie Goulding bumper sticker on its backside. (I won’t, because I have taste), but you get the point.

Ink and piercings are means of self-expression being the larger point. No longer a sign of rebellion. I have five piercings and four tattoos — I can tell you where I got each one and what it means to me. I don’t need condescending comments from individuals of another generation. I choose to modify the body I own; you didn’t: I don’t care that that was your choice; why do you care about mine? 

~ by Benji on October 2, 2013.

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