Bulls 99, Nets 93 (game 7)

As a Bulls fan, I can’t really look at this series or season objectively, yet I believe it reveals just how much the Bulls’ MVP isn’t the one still recovering from an ACL tear (Derrick Rose) but rather the balding perpetually displeased gentleman patrolling the sidelines with a scowl (Tom Thibodeau). Thibodeau, Bulls’ head coach for three seasons now, is — along with the best center in the league (no, not you Dwight Howard, but you Joakim Noah) — the heart and soul of this team. The Bulls won this series without Luol Deng, without Kirk Hinrich (obviously without Rose), in a road game 7 not because they had a star like Deron Williams. Or an offensive force in the zone like Brook Lopez, but because Thibodeau runs his team like a TEAM. When a guy goes down, it’s next man up. He believes in all of his players and the second pillar of his coaching philosophy is why: never quit. If there’s a loose ball, you dive for it. If you have an opening to the rim, you fight for it or to be sent to the line. If they have an opening and you can send them to the line instead of conceding a layup or dunk, you foul; when you foul, you foul hard. Never dirty, but always physical. 

I expect these Bulls sans Rose to go down to Miami, but Miami isn’t happy with tonight’s result from Brooklyn, as they know and Spoelstra knows, these Bulls will not go down easily. But it’s Thibodeau giving these Bulls this character. No doubt, Noah, Robinson, Deng, Hinrich et al are no quitters, but it’s Thibs attitude toward his team and toward coaching putting life into these Bulls. 

~ by Benji on May 4, 2013.

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  1. […] given themselves a chance. What I love about this Bulls team is what I wrote about the other day https://benjaminntaylor.com/2013/05/04/bulls-99-nets-93-game-7/: Thibodeau’s philosophy of “Next man up, never quit,” which was evident tonight. […]


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