To My Christian Friends and Family

On this Easter weekend — the most significant holiday in the Christian calendar and the one on which the entire Christian faith is predicated — please keep in mind what Christ actually preached: the love of your neighbor, compassion, forgiveness and the gift of redemption. I myself am not a Christian, but I was raised as one and have read the Bible thoroughly and many times. At no point do I recall Christ preaching hatred, intolerance and persecution. As an oppressed minority himself, he and his followers were acutely aware of the harm done by singling out and vilifying minorities of any kind. Were Christ alive today, I have no doubt he would actively condemn the sort of (disproven) propaganda organizations such as the Family Research Council (which purport to speak in His name) recklessly spread, with no apparent consideration of the considerable harm they cause in doing so.

Christ, who emphasized love and solidarity with the least of us, with the poorest, the sickliest, the outcasts would not preach against excluding one class of citizens from a secular institution like marriage; whether or not he would advocate for LGBTQIA equality, I’m certain he would say love your sisters and brothers, and under the law, respect them as equals. 

So on this Easter holiday, don’t listen to the people who call themselves Christians yet don’t follow Christ. Listen to his words, his messages of tolerance, love and compassion for all women and men. Follow his example and celebrate by looking after the least and most degraded among us. That! is what Jesus Christ preached, and what — Christian or not — we all can take away from his life and work. 

~ by Benji on March 30, 2013.

One Response to “To My Christian Friends and Family”

  1. Well said!! I too was brought up Christian and think I have a very strong sense of what Jesus preached (not only preached, but acted on them). He shocked people by sitting down and talking to people rejected by society, such as prostitutes and others who were discriminated against. He is, I believe, an amazing model of tolerance and love to follow, but many of our “Christian” friends don’t seem to get it.


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