Ben, You Just Never Shut Up!

^ Actual comment I’ve received via twitter regarding my ceaseless advocacy for full and unequivocal equality for women and LGBTQIA individuals — from interpersonal relations to domestic considerations to marriage equality to employment nondiscrimination to universal cultural equality to the military to professional athletics to politics and on and on. I hate to disappoint, but until that degree of equality is reached, until one’s sexuality means no more to anyone else than one’s eye color, I’m not going to shut up. As long as there are college freshmen who refer to this or that activity as “so gay,” my work isn’t done. As long as transgender individuals are mocked, my work isn’t done — OUR work isn’t done. As long as we hear “fuckin dyke” on the subway, our work isn’t done. When I kiss a boy on the street and don’t suffer from that gripping fear that someone will yell out “fag!” at me, it’ll be a step in the right direction. When I can kiss whomever wants to kiss me back without fear of repercussion/knowing that homophobia will be universally condemned, that’s when we’ve won.

Whether an ethnic, sexual, religious etc. minority, the war’s not won until we all play on the same field. That day is approaching, but won’t be here unless we keep fighting tooth and nail.

~ by Benji on March 23, 2013.

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