On this V-Day, hope everyone has a lovely time with their sweethearts if you have them or with cat hair, twitter and mcdonald’s wrappers if you don’t (hi!). but amid the romantic revelry please take a moment to reflect on the many victims of rape and domestic violence who didn’t get to enjoy this V-Day, the uphill climb to equality women face in the United States and around the world face to ensure the right to an equal voice, much less a bouquet of roses and some chocolates. Take a minute to think about what you will do to improve the plight of women in the world in the next year and make a concrete plan to act on it, however small.

V-day has become an international day of empowerment for the planet’s 3.5 billion women and the many men who support their full equality. Let’s enjoy the champagne and the massage oils and the sexy time (or the hairball time, if you’re single like me), but let’s also stand firm and make concrete resolutions to combat and end sexual violence, domestic abuse and the continued consignment of women to second-class status.

~ by Benji on February 14, 2013.

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