2012 regrets

I have none.

Despite 2012 being a seriously shitty year for me, multiple suicide attempts (I’m over that, in case you were wondering, but there was some darkness for quite a while there), a month in various hospitals and just… well… general shittiness, I regret nothing. The thing about regret is that it inverts your world experience from looking forward to dwelling on things you cannot change. Regret is waste. Shit happens. Learn from it, analyze it, figure out why you made a decision you wouldn’t want to make now, then take that and grow from it. Learn lessons, understand yourself better, get to the point where you know better than to make the decision you made then. Regret is a poor excuse for failing to learn. We all make mistakes; regret is an admission that you haven’t taken those mistakes, applied them, learned from them and move forward.

~ by Benji on December 27, 2012.

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