Random sarcastically bitter thoughts (pt. some / a lot)

pretty sure the book of leviticus was written just to concern-troll the 21st. c. can’t wear polyester? well, there go the 80s and the ’05-present ’80s revival. shellfish outlawed? damn, that takes care of a lot of sushi and high-end cuisine. no homosexuality? riiiiight. Some irrational old guy with a beard clearly was lacking his andrew sullivan soulmate. the more the ideological right denounces the “war on christmas” and bemoans america’s failure to live up to being a “christian nation,” the more they expose their fringe lunacy and almost complete denial of empirical reality.

Of course the “reason for the season” has little to do with a 33-year old social revolutionary living in present-day Palestine who was killed for political reasons by a brutally efficient Roman regime for inciting social unrest. It has to do with the concept of rebirth and unity, this date — long associated with the winter solstice — has long represented that time in which one turns to the kindling, and fire inside one takes over. Let us then tender our fires and help build up the fires of those dear to us as well as those foreign to us. Let us rejoin in the mysteries of life and love — without reference to a being — infinitely and incomprehensively given us.


~ by Benji on December 24, 2012.

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