Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all my friends and their families, friends and loved ones and to all around the globe. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, let 25 December 2012 be a day of joy, peace, mutual understanding, love and care for the less fortunate in our very stratified society. Let us celebrate birth and rebirth, spiritually or physically, and above all let us celebrate this cherished time with those close to us, that we may learn to cherish each other more. The spirit of a holiday consists in taking the time to get to know those around us better and ourselves better, so that we may give of what we have to enhance the gifts freely given by those around us. Whether Eid-al-Fitr, Chanukkah, Diwali, the solstice, or the nativity of Jesus Christ, let us honor that spirit of giving in joy and peace.

Moreover, let us take this season to keep in mind those among us for whom life itself is a constant struggle, whether due to illness, poverty, age, disability, or any other reason. Let us help those whom we can, ideally through local channels with a connection to their environment and best knowledge of their communities’ needs. May we give freely of ourselves as we can, knowing first, that these are our fellow women, men and children who are irrevocably bound to us as we are to them, and after that, because under different circumstances, it would be us in need. Let us impart what joy we can to whom we can, parent, child, spouse, sibling, friend, stranger.

Merry Christmas!

~ by Benji on December 24, 2012.

One Response to “Christmas Wishes”

  1. Thank you so much, my dear. I am keeping in mind those who are struggling, and they are many (here in Jamaica and around the world). We are so lucky to have warmth, good health, love and friendship around us. It has been a difficult year, and especially for those marginalized by society. Warm wishes for the season and lots of love, light and happiness in the coming year!


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