Optimism Hat

So the news has been kind of shitty of late. Mass killings and the like. Nothing out of the ordinary ’round here stateside, of course. Yes, roughly half (less than half, thank god) of our electorate is dictated to by a foul combination of right-wing paranoia and millennialist misinterpretation of a manmade text. Living in a zone in which empirically provable facts don’t exist must have some advantages, though aside from assuaging insecurity, I can’t imagine what those would be. Anyway. There’s a great deal about contemporary America that scares the rational soul quite shitless. 

And yet. For just the sixth time in American history, we collectively voted >51% for a presidential candidate. A black one, at that, which is certainly new. Marriage equality passed each and every electoral test, and in the wake of the horrific tragedy in Connecticut (on the heels of similar tragedies in New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, Chicago, etc…) we’re on the cusp of finally having a rational national conversation about gun laws. This isn’t something we’re good at; data and facts — despite living in the era of human history in which both are most rigorously tested and reliable — still are viewed with an aura of skepticism.

There’s hope though. Perhaps a sign that the tide may be turning? God let’s hope so. Few things are more offensive than a purported “argument” that can’t even justify its premises.

~ by Benji on December 17, 2012.

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