Fragment / Prose Poem

The dew-crowned meadow at morning’s first blush, moon-laden fireflies on a summer’s eve, Quatuor pour la fin du temps, the muezzin’s call to midday prayer, “bacteria” from “bacterium,” a dying star rebirthed in cosmic fire, a new mother’s tears of unmatched joy, the grieving one’s unhealing wound, El Greco, “nature red in tooth and claw,” the first caress of youth, “O Vis Aeternitatis,” the boundless face of a storm-tossed sea, the final solitude of death, the fading cries of those who mourn, the that life begins anew and will — in all these things and in all things in all places and at all times, one may glimpse the mystery of the many-faced divine.

~ by Benji on November 18, 2012.

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