The Threat

I think Obama’s going to win. I already voted for him (yay early voting in Illinois!), most of the people I know in more relevant states are going to vote for him, and the state-by-state polls seem to point to a Democratic victory and retention of the Senate. For the sake of us all, we better hope so.

God help us, that the Democratic Party is the instrument by which we keep our fragile national sanity intact. Every time I donate to the Democratic Party, I feel almost guilty, as their political and policy malfeasance long ago reached the stuff of legends. Yes, they’re feckless, timid, too moderate, too afraid to stand behind individuals like Dennis Kucinich, Wanda Rohl or even Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. And yet. The Democrats are the only thing standing between us and complete chaos.

This isn’t your parents’ Republican Party. There are no Fulbrights and Rockefellers in this gang. Instead you have Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, dismissing rape as if it were just a casual problem. You have a vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan, whose budget is a masterpiece of magical thinking and would not only cripple the federal government’s ability to do anything but wage war, but would also end Medicare. There’s been an internecine war waged in the Republican Party the last five or six years, and the moderates have been utterly purged. This is a party that no longer believes in logic, reason, science or facts.

They rest secure in their own ideological bubble, sustained by heavy doses of Fox News and conservative talk radio. They don’t live in the same world as the rest of us. In their world, Saddam Hussein helped plot 9/11, climate science is a hoax, LGBT individuals are trying to indoctrinate your kids, a woman’s place is in the home and she shouldn’t be paid as much as a man if she chooses to work, a fetus is more valuable than an adult human, the death penalty is just even if you’re “pro-life,” unions are the devil and always have been, and you can’t “support the troops” without supporting more endless war.

I’m not a member of the Democratic Party as my views are to the left of most Democrats, but for god’s sake, vote Democratic. The threat from the other side would send shockwaves through the entire world and we simply cannot afford that. The powerbrokers on the right do not fuck around.

~ by Benji on October 31, 2012.

One Response to “The Threat”

  1. Nicely put, although as someone who is also to the left of most Democrats, I /am/ a member of the Democratic party precisely for that reason – it gives me a voice, however small, to move my party to the left where it belongs.


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