Best of Breaking Bad, the rest

So I’ve had some circumstances come up, and won’t have time to finish my life, and likely won’t have internet access for a while, so I’m just going to list the rest of the top 14. I’ll come back with commentary as soon as I can, but just the titles and videos for now. Enjoy season 5, episode 1 on Sunday! Don’t spoil anything for me!

*Spoiler alert: as always, do not read or watch unless you have seen this before or don’t mind spoilers. You have been warned*

Number 8: “Opening Scene” :

Number 7: “Stay Out of My Territory”:

Number 6: “Face Off”

Number 5: “One Minute” (best i could find)

Number 4: “This is Not Meth”

Number 3: “I Am the Danger”

Number 2: “Half Measure” (2 parts); Mike’s:

AND NUMBER 1 (IN THIS VIEWER’S ESTIMATION, and I will explain when I get the opportunity): “Jane’s Death”:

Again, I’ll do commentary on all of these and whichever episodes of season 5 I’ll be missing, and well as post some extra awesomenews that didn’t make the cut when I get back. Until then, peace, and enjoy!

*As always, all footage is the property of AMC, and has been embedded from media in the public domain; should that change or should AMC send me a written request to remove said footage, said footage would be removed immediately.*


Update: That’s supposed to read “finish my list,” lol. Unintended irony there.

~ by Benji on July 13, 2012.

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