Breaking Bad countdown, #14: “The Learn’d Astronomer”

The exact opposite of most of the scenes in this list, as it lacks any action whatsoever, but for its simplicity and elegance, the beauty of the poem itself, Gale (David Costabile’s) perfect recitation, and for showing the relationship between Gale and Walt (Bryan Cranston) at its very beginning, as well as foreshadowing how that relationship will develop. One of my favorite moments of season three. The lack of “action” also contrasts nicely with the tenor of that season and the direction of the show in general.

*Spoiler alert: as always, do not read or watch unless you have seen this before or don’t mind spoilers. You have been warned*

*As always, all footage is the property of AMC, and has been embedded from media in the public domain; should that change or should AMC send me a written request to remove said footage, said footage would be removed immediately.*

~ by Benji on July 2, 2012.

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