Breaking Bad (bonus) clip of the day

due to popular request, going to post breaking bad moments that didn’t make the cut leading up to the july 15th premier, on the sage advice that there are 1) so many epic moments that can’t be fit into two weeks and 2) the one per day approach is consistent without being annoying. so bonus clip for today (#14 coming later):

*Spoiler alert: as always, do not read or watch unless you have seen this before or don’t mind spoilers. You have been warned*

*As always, all footage is the property of AMC, and has been embedded from media in the public domain; should that change or should AMC send me a written request to remove said footage, said footage would be removed immediately.*

From season three, episode two: Jesse wins v. his parents. Only clip I could find, so apologies on that front, but again, only using what’s in the public domain. Great scene just because it reveals Jesse’s character while contrasting his good and loyal side with his more, well… Heisenbergish side. The tension in Jesse’s character between doing the right thing and doing what puts him in the best position is one of the more interesting subplots of the entire series, and I imagine will be explored in-depth in the upcoming season.

Plus this moment sets the scene for the amazing party scenes from season four, Hank beating the living hell out of Jesse, etc.

No. 14 on my all-time “Best of Breaking Bad” to be posted later.


~ by Benji on July 2, 2012.

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