Breaking Bad clip of the day

*Spoiler alert: as always, do not read or watch unless you have seen this before or don’t mind spoilers. You have been warned*

*As always, all footage is the property of AMC, and has been embedded from media in the public domain; should that change or should AMC send me a written request to remove said footage, said footage would be removed immediately.*

Going back to the pilot, this great moment where Walt senior (Bryan Cranston) stands up for Walt junior (R.J. Mitte) in a department store, when junior gets made fun of by the local douchebaggery. I love this particular scene for a few reasons. One, watching it for the first time, it really comes out of left field. I didn’t watch season one when it premiered, but a few years later, so I had heard about the show and had a sense of what it was about and the sort of thing to expect, but seeing the first real moment of Walt owning his darkness was just breathtaking, even as mundane as the scenario was. It becomes an even more powerful scene in retrospect, knowing where the character of Walt goes in the episodes and seasons to come. Beyond that, it’s almost chilling to see Walt have that first inkling of enjoying that darkness. He’s still a meek and mild-mannered schoolteacher (witness the shocked reaction of Skyler — portrayed by Anna Gunn — when Walt goes off), but he’s learned that he doesn’t have to be.


~ by Benji on June 30, 2012.

One Response to “Breaking Bad clip of the day”

  1. Perhaps overanalyzing, but find it touching that Walt’s first true “break point” (that’s for you RM, and in my opinion) is in defense of his son; sets up brilliantly the tension and evolving relationship between the two of them from this point forward.


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