Breaking Bad clip of the day

Started this on Facebook yesterday, but posting here is just the logical next step. In honor of one of the greatest television shows ever made and in anticipation of its return on 07.15.12, I’m going to post a clip from Breaking Bad every day from now until season five debuts.

As always: all video is the property of AMC, and for this clip, the audio is the property of Teddybears. I have no claim to either media content and am sharing only on the basis of said media’s existence in the public sphere. If that status were to change, said media would be permanently removed from this site, or on either entity’s written request.

Also: only going to write that and this once, because otherwise it’ll be hella tedious, but *spoiler alert* for each one of these. If you haven’t seen the clip from that particular episode yet, don’t watch it. Watch the show first, and please do not give me static about ruining your enjoyment of the show. You have been forewarned.

That said, a gem (with a great track) from season three, episode five; what I love about this clip in particular is how well it represents the brilliance with which Gilligan and team have navigated the pacing of the entire series. This clip chronologically belongs in the pilot, yet they waited until the mid-point of season three to reveal this. Beyond that, it provides an insight into early Jesse’s character as well as Badger’s and Skinny Pete’s.

~ by Benji on June 29, 2012.

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