Revisiting Dexter, season four

Ah yes, after a weak season three, many — including myself — had low hopes for Showtime’s biggest star, the brilliant Michael C. Hall-led drama that manages to make viewers both feel sympathy and laugh at a show the protagonist of which is a serial killer. (As in Michael C. Hall is brilliant, the show sometimes, but generally good; more on that to come). Then we heard about John Lithgow’s casting as the big bad. And maybe thought something like I did, along the lines of “comic and excellent character actor, but a serial killer? Nah.”

*spoiler alert*

Then this happened.

Just a reminiscence related to one of the most intense seasons in television history. Not best, necessarily, but the tension Lithgow and Hall managed to create is truly a testament to their respective talents. Dexter comes back in September for a seventh and penultimate season for which I have low expectations; in the wake of the half-assed writing and absurd plotlines that dominated seasons five and six, the hope is in short supply. And yet, I will still look forward to and watch every episode and likely tweet and write about each, while recovering from the “holyfuckshit that happened” of Breaking Bad and anticipating Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Girls. I think you might hear some EPL-related shit from me this fall too. There’s this club in North London that I somewhat fancy… I’ll stop there, want to save up my football points for when they’re needed.

Anyway, enjoy the video.

Update: I neither own nor have any rights to the footage related to that link. All footage is property of Showtime; I merely found it on YouTube.

~ by Benji on June 27, 2012.

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