Going Forward

Among the many things I’m trying to or starting to try to change in my life is my tenuous relationship with my blog. I’ve never really lived up to it or to whatever benighted souls read it every now and then. I would like to change that. I’ve written many time about how I’m going to take it seriously, how *this time* I really do mean it! and how I’d like this site to really represent me as a writer, conversationally, critically, and professionally. I realize that having breached that informal contract several times in the past, there really isn’t much I can say to persuade anyone that this time, damn it, I really really do mean it. But I do. Not today, but in the very near future, I’m going to be fully redesigning and renaming this site; it’ll still be Destructive Anachronism, but the URL is going to be different and the post frequency much greater. Stay tuned.

~ by Benji on May 27, 2012.

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