Titanic/"Titanic" a Century Later

Yeah, there’s a surfeit of Titanic (the ship)-related business.

Celine Dion aside, it is of course imperative to remember the victims of that tragedy. Media-wise, Downton Abbey executed a wonderful mention of the incident while leaving in the interstices how the agonists were affected.

For me at least, the film had a different impact. I was twelve when it came out, knew the standard narrative, knew disappointedly little about breasts. I was pursuing a girl I thought I was in love with, finding out along the way that I had no idea what love was. Ended up watching this film with her, learning a few things about breasts eventually along the way. (The clit was a separate revelation and a separate story, though a far more important one). It was 1998 at that point, Britney was like 17 and still un-Federlined and this song/film, fuck it, I’ll go ahead and say it. Try to be a ladykiller at 13 and not attempt it to Ms. Dion. And will say, regardless of critics who dismiss it with a “schlock” or “treacle” tag, I found this film good. Overdramatic? Okay, yes. Though there have been many good films in the same category. Overdone as a love story? Okay too, but so were Annie Hall and Before Sunset.

Titanic was a good and well-executed film that ages better with each year. Avatar and T2 (among others) aside, Titanic is the signature film upon which James Cameron worked. No one likes it, but facts are facts,

~ by Benji on March 31, 2012.

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