Late night considerations (1/many)

Late night for sure. It’s 4:03 in the central time zone, and of course I’m still awake. I haven’t worked a “traditional” (what used to be, at least) 9-8 since the winter of 2009, so the concept of the weekend isn’t one with which I really identify. My father enjoys them, my mother as well the three of four weekends during the particular month she has off, but me? The idea of a weekend is as foreign a concept to me as it is to Downton Abbey’s Lady Grantham (portrayed immaculately by Maggie Smith) and very well-reviewed by New York Magazine‘s Amanda Dobbins. If you’re not following that particular mag and writer, there’s a high likelihood you are over 65 and live in rural Kansas.

I would say the above isn’t urbanites making fun of you, but it’s urbanites mocking your ass.

That taken care of, just wanted to write how badass this weekend could be. Not only is there QPR-Arsenal in a few hours (my prediction via Twitter? Arsenal 4, QPR 1) but Bulls-OKC in a Finals preview, but additionally the return of Game of Thrones, another Mad Men, and a UU service. I call that a solid weekend.

~ by Benji on March 31, 2012.

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