Unfocused Thoughts

1) There will be some major changes around here soon, mostly in the arena of me actually posting with some degree of consistency. 

2) I’m a fairly mercurial fellow, as anyone with the patience to pay attention to my rants and ramblings can attest. I won’t apologize for the inconsistency as it relates to me as a person, as it tends toward a genuine reflection of where I am at given moment as a person and with what I struggle in a perhaps futile (but always hopeful) struggle to become whom I would like to be. I do, however, sincerely apologize to anyone who follows this site or my twitter account (@destroy_time) and expects consistency; in failing to be consistent, I let down you, my readers, my friends and family, and myself. This is the sort of thing I have in mind to remedy. You, dear (potential) reader, may have read this before; to say “I mean it this time!!!” is well… meaningless. So bear with me; this ship will turn around.
3) The nature of contemporary media seems to be colonized entirely by the marketing machine. 
4) The above statement is entirely intended to inspire debate and I will have a great deal more to say on said topic.
5) And yet (with regard to #3), we in 2012, in the affluent and connected global middle- and upper-middle classes stand confidently and often without a second thought in the midst of the most powerful and least-contained torrent of information in human history. That’s pretty much a fact. Never in human history has so much knowledge been available so easily and so cheaply.
6) The immediate above has in no way changed humanity, either for the good or the better. We were, are, will be, and remain animals, physical creatures created perhaps by a deity, perhaps not, but bound to the necessities of food, sleep, sex, parenting, competition, and all the other messy things that constitute the necessary preconditions of our humanity while hemming it in on every side. 
7) This, a leap. What defines “humanity” and what could *possibly* redeem our essential animal nature is the indefinable drive toward creation; creation makes of each human being a potential god, capable not only of surveying a given landscape and passing judgment thereupon, but of reconfiguring that landscape itself in ways that can alter the course of other lives.
8) This is a very good thing.

~ by Benji on March 24, 2012.

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