Jan Morris

I had never heard of Jan Morris until about a month ago, when I volunteered to review her novel Hav for Bookslut.com (I’ll link to/post it when it’s up), and now I can’t get enough. Hav itself is one of the most remarkable and luminously written novels I have ever read. In my entire life — and I read a lot of novels. I just yesterday ordered Travels (1950-2000) — a selection of her travel essays over that period, and eagerly await its arrival. She is a remarkable figure — twice-over world traveler, historian, travel writer, memoirist, transgender and trans rights activist, Welsh nationalist. I highly encourage everyone to pick up Hav from the New York Review of Books Classics (pub. date 08.30.11 but available for pre-order through NYRB, your local indie, or amazon) — it will truly blow you away. I have my one review copy I’m willing send to the first person to get back to me, but unfortunately it’s the one copy I have (and it’s so good, I humbly ask that you return it when finished). Check it out, guarantee you will have a hard time putting it down.

~ by Benji on August 21, 2011.

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