First love?

Waxing nostalgic, perhaps because of the thunderstorms, perhaps I’m old enough to appreciate the wonders life has granted me. This goes out to the first person I truly loved, and the first person who, upon kissing for the first time, made me feel like I could move mountains. That moment is something I will smile at when I’m 90.

I met her when I was all of 13. A short, skinny boy, precocious some would say. Awestruck the minute I met her — she herself was somewhat scrawny, but beautiful (still is), and it was her humor and wit that drew me. Might sound cliché — and it is — but I’m attracted to those who intrigue me and tease what intellect I have rather than titillate my naughty bits. There was a summer I rode my woefully inadequate mountain bike to her house just to see her. Helped me get in better shape, yes, but it was about seeing her. Did everything short of a John Cusack “Say Anything” moment to catch her attention — and we watched quite a few John Cusack flicks.
Anyway, it took over two years of pursuing her before our first kiss. I’m pretty sure she knew all along. It was perfection. I drove her home — in my bright teal ’95 Nissan Sentra — I forget where from. She got out of the car, paused, then opened the passenger door and sat down. Told me — words I will never forget — “I think I’m in love with you.” I can’t for the life of me recall what I said. I hope it was something pithy at least. What I do know is that the kiss that followed was perfect, like straight out of a rom com, just passionate and anticipated and dreamt about for (literally) years. I hope whomever I spend the rest of years with can match that kiss, but it’s a tall challenge. To this day, I still don’t know how I made it home — my legs were gelatin. I distinctly remember driving down North Alpine Road thinking to myself “did that just happen? did she actually kiss me?” Obviously it didn’t work out — mostly because I was a jackass (a common theme among my U-20 years), but that moment will live with me forever. –The latter not trying to be overly dramatic, but because it’s true and meant that much and means that much still.
What’s your defining “first love” moment?

~ by Benji on July 28, 2011.

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