IL Judge Rules DCFS Must Continue to Refer Foster Children to Catholic Charities

Sangamon County Judge John Schmidt ruled today that the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services must continue to refer foster children and adoption cases to the odious Catholic Charities, which gained notoriety earlier this month when it threatened to no longer provide adoption services, due to its contention that the state’s new civil unions bill would force it to place children with gay and lesbian couples (heaven forbid), potentially putting 60 people out of work and leaving 350 foster care and adoption cases in the cold. Judge Schmidt ruled that the DCFS’s subsequent decision to terminate its relationship with Catholic Charities following a Catholic Charities lawsuit (follow all that?) must be stayed until an August hearing regarding Catholic Charities’ obligations regarding placement with same-sex couples under the new civil unions bill.

And all of that sucks, and allows Catholic Charities to continue its bigoted and evidence-less discrimination against same sex couples willing to adopt children in the foster system. It’s Catholic Charities playing the politics of bigotry, and as always, the real victims are the ones who have no say in the process — the children who desperately need a loving family and a stable home situation.

~ by Benji on July 18, 2011.

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