Sooooo excited. So many subplots and genuine hatred of each other. Can Pierce renew his ’09/’10 playoff domination of LeBron? Can Ray carry on being just stupidly clutch? Can LeBron show up for a seminal playoff series? Can Spoelstra out-coach Doc?

This series reminds me so much of those Knicks-Heat series from the late ’90s, where you just knew every game (as has been generally true of pretty much all playoff games this entire NBA post-season) would come down to the last shot, all of which would involve extreme physicality between two teams who really fucking hated each other.

I think C’s in seven, and still think the Bulls aren’t ready for the sort of pressure they’re about to walk into, just praying the C’s get winded and the Bulls can dispatch Atlanta quickly enough to let Boozer get some rest and let Thibs do what he does.

~ by Benji on May 1, 2011.

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