Game Ones

Well holy shit, never expected that of the Grizz — Randolph and Gasol just pounding the paint, Randolph (in the least likely though accurate comparison I can come up with of late) looking like prime Hakeem, and their D just taking ruthless advantage of OKC’s mistakes. Still think OKC comes away with the series, but damn, it might just be a series. I figured Memphis would take one at home maybe, but this might be serious.

As for Boston-Miami, I still don’t buy Miami not slipping up and gifting Boston a game. They’ve done it enough times this season to expect one out of seven. And that series must go to seven — David Stern will ensure it if the teams don’t, and I think Boston, even Perk-less, just spreads the floor better and has so many more options. Rondo putting up 30-15-21 in the last three games of the Knicks series scares the living shit out of me, because I shoot about as well as he does usually, as a 5’6″ white guy with no discernible athletic talent and whose last remotely competitive ballgame was at age ten.

But D-Wade and LeBron together can stop any team from any era dead in its tracks when they play like they did today. D-Wade was just on fire, and they’re both such good passers that probability alone dictates that the one can find the other at key moments — you can’t double team them both. And Bosh, who’s finally remembered how to shoot, and though not up to KG-Pierce-Allen “Big Three” status, can still do damage. I still don’t think “The Heatles” can withstand a seven-gamer with Boston, but Game one definitely made Miami look hella good. There’s no way they can deal with playoff intensity at the Garden, but they don’t need to. Question is, can Boston grab one in Miami? I think they do, but both this series and the Memphis-OKC one are going to be great to witness. No pun intended.

God I love basketball, and this really is already the most memorable playoffs of my 26-year span — every series, every game just wire-to-wire crazy, big shot after big shot, a 1 losing to an 8, and we’re one day into round two.

~ by Benji on May 1, 2011.

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