Attn: Sens. Lieberman, Landrieu, Lincoln et al

There are, uh, real people who will be affected by your bought-and-paid-for wankery. DougJ’s rant pretty much nails the sick world in which our oligarchy sips its martinis:

I realize that if you’re poor in this country, then everything is your fault. If you take out a loan you shouldn’t have taken out, it’s proof that you’re too much of an idiot to handle money, whereas when rich people are fleeced by Bernie Madoff it’s proof that Madoff is a super-genius monster. If you’re hit by a stray bullet, you were probably in a gang. If you’re sick, it’s because you smoke and you’re overweight. And whatever trouble you have getting a job, it’s all because of your genetically determined low IQ. And if you weren’t poor, overweight, genetically deficient and so on you wouldn’t have trouble getting disqualified because of preconditions and you’d never get scammed by bogus insurance outfits.

~ by Benji on October 28, 2009.

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