The Pains of Being Completely Vapid

Ah New York Times Fashion and Style section, you never disappoint! Whether it’s lamenting the psychological trauma of Manhattan parents who can’t imagine living on $250,000 a year, the horror of giving up posh private schools for little rich brats, or fawning over the contemporary “standards of attractiveness” that demand outpourings of cash for ludicrous image improvements followed by a helpless shrug of the shoulders that “the culture requires it,” you really do encapsulate all that is idiotic and risible about contemporary life inside the corporate media bubble. Your helpless fawning over the bronzed and plucked image with which your advertisers have infected us is a step beyond pathetic. Your exhortations to bodily perfection are pathological, your writers poor mockeries of “journalists.” May the ghost of Bernie Madoff devour their trust funds and bless them with psoriasis. And may the death of print hit you first and hardest for fellating your sponsors with anti-feminist and anti-intellectual corporate garbage. You will not be missed.

~ by Benji on August 6, 2009.

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