Moving Forward

Well, I’m putting in my two weeks’ notice at my current job tomorrow/today (Monday — it doesn’t count as today until one wakes up, as far as I’m concerned) and taking a part-time job at an independent bookstore outside of Boston. The pay is much less, but I’m so looking forward to waking up everyday and looking forward to going to work and having the time to write and read. I’m scared, too, particularly given the current economic climate, but living creatively isn’t ever easy, and always takes some sort of leap of faith to get started. So here we go.

For the next two weeks — while I’m employed at my current job — I won’t be posting that often, but once I’m done there, I will be working on this site daily or almost daily. I don’t have any pretensions to being Andrew Sullivan and am looking to post longer ruminations and essay-type pieces, but I will try to get something new posted each day. I’m also looking to cross-post at dailyKos, and will have more information about that once I get things set up. My username there is destructiveanachronism, but since I just signed up a few days ago (apparently you can’t change your username — I had been posting as dtreader) I can’t open a diary for a few more days.

~ by Benji on January 12, 2009.

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